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A very famous quote “all those who wander are not lost” speaks volumes about the people who choose travelling as a way of life. But imagine if you are stuck in a beautiful location with an exotic disease. It is always better to keep yourself well informed of what lays ahead of your travel plans. Like they say, forewarned is forearmed, we list some of the famous travel destinations with potential health scares to keep you up to speed of what you might expect other than the beautiful locations.

1. India: When travelling to India, just be watchful of water borne and bacterial diseases. It is advisable to drink bottled water only and wash hands before eating. Beware of Hepatitis A & B caused by ingestion of contaminated food and water. So glow slowly on that street food!

2. Cuba: Beware of Typhoid that can be contracted from one person to another via food and water so avoid sharing these with the locals. Watch out for people suffering from cold as they can pass on diphtheria. 

3. Mexico: be watchful of cholera which is a water borne disease and there has been a recent outbreak as confirmed by the health ministries, as an aftermath of cyclones that hit the Acapulco coast.

4. Morocco: Beware of Hepatitis B that is also a sexually transmitted disease. Avoid any tattoos in the territory as this disease can also be contracted through needles. If you are going to be outdoors a lot, then get yourself vaccinated for rabies as well. 

5. South Africa: The country is relatively safer for travelers; however, it is better to beware of malaria if you are planning to travel to the national parks. Its natural environment can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

 6. Bangkok: If you have a respiratory issue, you can have a rough time in Thailand as the pollution levels are too high. Do get a Malaria vaccination if you are going to be exploring the forested areas near Laos & Cambodia as well as Burma.

7. Singapore: Even though they are one of the cleanest countries in the world, there is still a threat of dengue fever that you can contract from a mosquito bite. So keep an eye out and keep a mosquito repellent cream handy

8. Pakistan: There is a great risk of terrorism especially in the high festive months as then religious places become a hot bed of violence and can be easily attacked by militants. Be careful and try to have someone accompany you, especially a local, when travelling to Pakistan. Enjoy the beauty of the country but avoid places that are high tension areas.

9. Saudi Arabia: When travelling to Saudi Arabia, be cautious about all the diseases caused as a result of food and water. Be responsible for your safety and avoid areas that are likely to cause insect bites. The sun can be soaring due to dessert area, so, always carry a sun block cream and keep yourself well hydrated.

10. Australia: It is a safe country but there is still a threat of influenza if you are travelling between May and October. There also a risk of measles so get you thoroughly vaccinated before coming to Australia.